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Musica Ricercata

musica ricercata

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MUSICA RICERCATA - Spring Festival 2017

Between April and May MUSICA RICERCATA, together with the Florentine Foundation "Fondazione Santa Maria Nuova" organizes her Spring Festival in the Salone Martino V, Piazza Santa Maria Nuova 1, FIRENZE under the title

'Il Fascino del Teatro': Shakespeare - Mozart - Verdi

Friday, April 28th, 17.30 o'clock: Lecture-concert 'Italian tales in the works of Shakespeare and the music for the King's Men'

Friday, May 5th, 17.30 o'clock: Mozart's Magic Flute explaned and presented in chamber music version

Friday, May 12th, 17.30 o'clock: La Traviata for voice and string trio

Before every concert there will be a guided visit to the cloisters of the famous hospital Santa Maria Nuova (starting at 17.00).

Free entrance.

Petrarch in music

MUSICA RICERCATA will be present in Japan with her new programme "Petrarch in music" covering musical history from 14th to 20th centuries and offering masterpieces composed on Petrarch's poetry. Asako Uchimura (soprano), Michael Stüve (medieval fiddle) and Ryoku Yokoyama (piano) will be performing and introducing to Petrarch's life and work. Concert's will take place in Sapporo and Kyoto:
13/11/2016, 19:00 o'clock (entrance: 18:30)
Tokeidai Hall, Sapporo kita 1 jyo nishi 2chome

18/11/2016, 18:30 o'clock (entrance 18:00)
Kojimatei Okura, Kyoto city chukyo-ku shinmachi nishikikouji, Mukadeya cho 384

Musica Ricercata in the Santa Maria Nuova Hospital

MUSICA RICERCATA's Florentine concert series 2016 starts with a concert cycle dedicated to the new museum in the Santa Maria Nuova Hospital, one of the most important historical hospitals in Europe.
On Saturday, April 30th at 9 o'clock pm our ensemble will perform in the Sant'Egidio Church sonatas and cantatas by Isabella Leonarda and Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre, two most famous women composers of the Baroque epoch. The programme will be repeated on Friday,
May 6th at 6 o'clock in the Salone Martino V in the Hospital.
In the afternoon of May 6th at 5.30 it will be possible to partecipate at a guided visit of the cloisters that surround the museal area.

Entrance is free; free contributions will be destined to the restoration of the items of the Museum.

Music of the Medici Family

The Museum of Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence has started to set up a multi-media archive: http://www.palazzo-medici.it/index.php which can be consulted also for musical examples that refer to the history of the palace. You have already access to pieces which were composed during the period in which the Medici family actually lived in the palace in Via Larga, from 1450 ca. until 1539 when Cosimo I married Eleonora di Toledo and moved to Palazzo Vecchio. The pieces have been recorded by the ensemble MUSICA RICERCATA and can be listened to after entering into http://www.palazzo-medici.it/mediateca/audioteca.php.
You may also choose ‘ANTEPRIMA MEDIATECA MEDICEA’ in the Italian homepage and then search for ‘Audioteca’. The following pieces have been inserted so far:
- Three musical versions of Lorenzo il Magnifico’s ballata ‘Un dì lieto giamai’ (Henricus Isaac, Bartolomeo degli Organi and Jacques Arcadelt)
- ‘Palle, palle’ and ‘A la bataglia’ by Henricus Isaac
- A five part instrumental version of ‘Celan sans plus’ by Giovanni de’ Medici (Pope Leo X).