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Musica Ricercata

musica ricercata


Our aims

MUSICA RICERCATA seeks to enrich modern concert life through innovative programmes without limiting itself to particular musical epochs or styles. In fact, many of its programmes encompass 400, 700 or even 1000 years of musical history. Very often they combine philological discipline in musical practice with themes of general interest such as ‘Music and Culinary Art’, ‘Voices of Animals in Baroque Music’ and ‘The History of May Songs’, which facilitate the appreciation of an ancient and unusual repertory.

Some programmes present musical instruments of different epochs (e. g. ‘Musette and The Devil’s Trill’ with works by Giuseppe Tartini and Luigi Dallapiccola), demonstrating the taste in sound of various periods, while others offer a well-balanced assortment of vocal and instrumental pieces; all of them, ‘per haversi erudita, et scherzosa insieme’ (Ugo Caciotti to Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger) aim at combining the scholarly with the entertaining.