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Musica Ricercata

musica ricercata

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MUSICA RICERCATA - association, ensemble and guests

The association. We are not only a corporation, but also a group of friends that support the aims of MUSICA RICERCATA in manifold ways. They meet in the General Assembly which every four years elects the Council. The Council elects from its members the President, Vice-President and Secretary who are respectively Michael Stüve, Igor Polesitsky and Adriana Ravina.

The ensemble. The size of the ensemble depends on the musical programme and can span from one or two musicians to a cast sufficiently large to perform small theatre productions (e. g. Marco da Gagliano’s Ballo di Donne Turche).

Our guests. MUSICA RICERCATA has performed with soloists of international reputation, such as the violinists Eduard Melkus and Shizuka Ishikawa and the pianist Jörg Ewald Dähler, and has hosted other musical groups (Capella Academica Wien, Concilium musicum Wien, The Hellenic Music Archives, Kubelik Trio, Prague) and theatre companies (e. g. Teatro Studio Grosseto).